Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Long runs

Posting about today's run made me realize I hadn't made any mention of Monday's run!

It was the longest run I've done in a long time. I always mentally struggle with long runs, so lately I've been making an effort to increase my mileage in other ways. It's easier for me to run 18km with a 5km race in the middle, or to do a long warm up/cool down. I've also been making an effort to do midweek longish runs of around 15-16km.

In any case, I planned out a 20km route, left my watch at home and headed out the door. It was a nice route, running by the river at UQ then over the Indro bridge, through Tennyson and then home. I didn't know that there was tennis on (the Brisbane International), and when I realized I was too stubborn to re-route! Needless to say, the crowds were massive and it felt very strange running through there in a skirt and sports bra... Plus I got spotted by someone I know!

I made it home in one piece, and even treated myself to a vanilla powerbar gel at 17km. Warm, white, runny substances aren't all that enticing in the middle of a run...

I don't normally do gels, but sometimes I need something to look forward to in order to make it out the door. If I have anything it'll usually be honey, or chews. Much tastier than a gel! I Aldo figure that because I don't plan on racing longer distances yet it doesn't matter if I use something that takes longer to eat. I don't eat something on every long run, I'm undecided if I think you should train your body to be more efficient on empty. I usually just use the energy stuff for motivation!

What session do you find the hardest to get out the door for? And are you a believer in gels?

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