Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Big weeks

Guess what I'm sick of? Being away from home! Since we've moved I have been in Brisbane for one week, plus weekends! At least the money's good.

My running's going fairly well. I had my biggest week ever about 2 weeks ago - I ran 70km. This included some speed work, and a parkrun 5km. I was first female home in 22 minutes. It's a great concept and I've been wanting to do it since they launched in Brisbane but this was my first chance. I ran 6km there and back, and my shoelace came untied about half way through so I'm happy with the time. It was 1 min slower than my pb but right where I thought I'd be!

My diet has only been ok. It's hard to be healthy in a motel room, but I've been making an effort to eat things like raw veggies, tins of tuna etc. Essential travel items for me are these: a light my fire traveling set (bowl, plate, cutting board, spork) and my leatherman knife. Very handy!

This week my legs have felt very heavy and I'm lacking motivation to run. I guess I've been pushing myself a bit with trying to improve my endurance, I just hope it's not going to negatively affect my speed! At least I'm getting better at doing speed work by myself, I really miss my running group right now though!

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