Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year eats

I really enjoyed New Years Eve this year. Normally it doesn't excite me, but this year it was chilled out and just nice! And we spent it with some of our favourite people.

The day started with Parkrun, then we went up the coast to see J's auntie and uncle. They're always really happy to see us! We were put to work when we got there, making wontons. They'd already made the filling so it was up to us to wrap them and then steam them. They even made fresh sweet chilli sauce to go with it and it was way better than bottled stuff! That's definitely something we'll be making in the future.

Main course was prawn salad. J's aunt was disappointed in it because the ginger was a bit overpowering but it was still nice. We then had pavlova shells with fruit for dessert.

After a lazy afternoon at their house watching Mt Coolum come and go in the distance (there was a bit of rain around so he disappeared from view at times) it was time to head home.

We were a little bit dubious about dinner. A friend of ours decided to create a roast, that was chicken wrapped in lamb then wrapped in pork. It cooked for about 6 hours, and actually turned out perfectly! They seasoned each layer and had a few different sauces to go with it. plus delicious salty crackling.

It was up to everyone else to bring salad so we had a potato salad, pasta salad (made with lasagne sheets) and green salad. They were all delicious!

It was a struggle to make it to midnight, but we finally got there. Let's say I over-indulged just a little bit in the meantime!

I hope everyone else had a fab new years, and spent it with people who are important in your lives!

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