Saturday, 31 December 2011

Really racing

Sometimes, it all just falls in place.

I ran Parkrun yesterday morning, and while I didn't run a ground-breaking time I'm really happy with the race.

Parkrun is still quite new in Australia, and about 65 people ran yesterday. I ran 6.5km there as a warmup, and wasn't sure how good I was feeling. I went out too hard (like usual) but still at a controlled pace. After about 1km a girl caught up to me and we paced off each other for the next 3km. I could tell she was working hard, and I was making a big effort to control my breathing so that I wouldn't give away that I was working hard myself!

With one km to go I decided to push the pace and see if she'd go with me, and I managed to drop her. I ended up beating her by about 30 sec! I don't often run tactical races so it was good to get the experience.

This week is another 70km week, with 2 big speed sessions and a race. I'm getting stronger!

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